Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) Accessories

SEMTech Solutions line of accessories allows for customizable upgrades that will enhance your existing SEM, creating a more flexible and usable microscope. Improved performance with classic accessories such as a new EDS system can provide the ultimate increase in productivity.

Energy Dispersive Spectrometer

SEMTech Solutions works with several different X-ray suppliers to provide the most cost effective system for your EDS needs. We offer standard LN2 detectors, Silicon Drift Detectors, and EDS processors. Let us know your SEM make and model, and your desired EDS configuration, and we will get you the best price possible.

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IR Chamber Scope IR Chamber Scope

The IR Chamber Scope has been designed to fit into most brands of Scanning Electron Microscopes. The high brightness LEDs and adjustable camera make this system suitable for any sized vacuum chamber. A simple On/Off switch is provided so that solid state backscatter and EDS detectors are not affected by the infrared light. A small mounting hole enables the STS IR Chamber Scope to fit the smallest ports possible.

See the STS Brochure on the IR Chamber Scope for more details.

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Nanomaker is a powerful software/hardware add-on system for SEM/FIB based lithography that features state-of-the-art technology for designing and manufacturing micro and nano devices. The purpose of the NanoMaker system is to provide ultimate resolution for any SEM-based electron beam lithography system. This includes:
     * Correcting for proximity effects during data preparation
     * Compensating for distortion and delays
     * Compensating for system drift over prolonged exposures

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SEM PicoIndenter

The Hysitron PI 85 SEM PicoIndenter® is a depth-sensing indenter that can be interfaced with a scanning electron microscope (SEM). With this system it is possible to perform quantitative nanomechanical testing while simultaneously imaging with the SEM. Coupling these two techniques allows the researcher to position the probe extremely accurately and to image the deformation process throughout the test.

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X-Stream Imaging

X-Stream Imaging allows you to save your analog scans into all popular digital image formats and send them over your network to a remote PC. This system captures all scanned lines and saves the image in a 2k x 2k format for high resolution applications. Image annotation and mouse drag measurement capabilities are standard features.

See the STS specifications sheet on the X-Stream Imaging System for more details.

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  • Nanomaker
    NanoMaker is a powerful add-on system for SEM/FIB based lithography to fabicate micro and nano devices.

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