New SEM User Interface

In our continuing drive to bring value to our customers, our engineering department has created a new Windows 7TM SEM User Interface for our refurbished SEMs.

This new software will allow most SEM operations to be run via a mouse. No need for buttons and dials!

A brief summary of the benefits for this new software package are:    

  • Mouse driven Windows 7TM Operating System    
  • User configurable menus to set preferred settings for Magnification, Spot Size, Accelerating Voltage, Working Distance and Scan Rotation    
  • Unlimited alpha numeric lengths for file saving and image annotation    
  • Incremental numeric append feature for quick SEM image saves of the same job.    
  • Integrated Measurements for width, height, and angle of image features
  • . ....and more

We invite you to contact us to see if this new user interface would meet your future needs. In addition, a brief overview and description of this new product offering from SEMTech Solutions, can be downloaded here.

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