Our Partners

Our mission is to bring the best technical sales, marketing, applications support, and service for our suppliers and customers throughout North America.

SEMTech Solutions is a premier scientific instrumentation sales representation company headquartered in North Billerica, Massachusetts. We represent quality manufacturers in the micro and nanotechnology fields. We are an established professional organization with a reputation for having a highly technical and accomplished sales and service team located throughout the United States.

SEMTech Solutions is extremely proud to be partnered with the following companies:


Elionix LogoElionix is a world leading manufacturer of electron beam lithography (EBL) systems.  The Elionix EBL product line ranges from the ultra-high precision 100kV TFE model, which is capable of producing 5nm lines, to the research oriented models; 80kV and 50kV producing 8nm and 10nm lines, respectively.

SEMTech Solutions provides exclusive sales and service representation for Elionix throughout North America.


Interface LogoNanoMaker is a powerful software/hardware add-on electron beam lithography system for SEM/FIB’s.   The NanoMaker system is intended for designing and manufacturing micro and nano electronic devices and 3D structures.  The powerful software included with the NanoMaker corrects for proximity effects and simulates actual processing conditions.

SEMTech Solutions provides exclusive sales and service representation for Interface throughout North America.


Physical Electronics Logo Physical Electronics (PHI) is the world's leading supplier of UHV surface analysis instrumentation. Being the only supplier that provides a full range of high performance XPS, AES, and SIMS surface analysis instruments,   PHI is in a unique position to provide complete surface analysis solutions to potential clients in a broad range of high technology fields including: nanotechnology, microelectronics, storage media, catalysis, bio-materials, pharmaceuticals, and basic materials such as metals, polymers, composites and coatings.

SEMTech Solutions provides sales representation for PHI in the northeastern region of the United States.


Hysitron LogoHysitron® is the world leader in developing nanomechanical test instruments and are pioneers of in-situ imaging with nanoindentation and nanomechanical property measurement capabilities. In addition to nanoindentation and microindentation, Hysitron's instrument capabilities include tribology, modulus mapping, dynamic mechanical analysis, acoustic emission monitoring, electrical contact resistance and in-situ SEM and TEM nanomechanical testing.

SEMTech Solutions provides sales representation for Hysitron in the northeastern region of the United States. www.hysitron.com


Value Added Resellers

For the AMRAY SEM product line, SEMTech Solutions maintains relations with various companies to resell their equipment.  The added value STS provides is that we can install these SEM add-on products at the customer’s site via our customer service team located throughout the U.S.  SEMTech Solutions reseller list includes the following companies:



Specializing in water chillers for industrial, medical and laboratory applications.



Revolution EDX: X-ray microanalysis systems.




PulseTor designs, builds and distributes the highest performance Silicon Drift Detectors (SDDs).



  • Nanomaker
    NanoMaker is a powerful add-on system for SEM/FIB based lithography to fabicate micro and nano devices.

  • STS-Elionix
    Electron Beam Lithography, 3D Electron Roughness Analyzer and Nanoindentation. See all products.

  • Hysitron
    Hysitron is the world leader in developing nanomechanical test instruments.