Move Your SEM

At SEMTech Solutions, we are constantly moving SEMs. We are proficient in relocating all Scanning Electron Microscopes. Our services include preparation of the SEM for transit and installation of the SEM into its new home. If you are considering moving your SEM and need assistance, contact us and we’ll be happy to work with you.

Preparing a SEM for shipment, requires stabilization of the electron optics column, vacuum system, stage and electronics chassis. SEMTech Solutions uses best known practices to ensure a smooth transition. All interface cables and tubing from the electron optics column to the electronics chassis are clearly marked.

  • Nanomaker
    NanoMaker is a powerful add-on system for SEM/FIB based lithography to fabicate micro and nano devices.

  • STS-Elionix
    Electron Beam Lithography, 3D Electron Roughness Analyzer and Nanoindentation. See all products.

  • Hysitron
    Hysitron is the world leader in developing nanomechanical test instruments.