Corporate History

SEMTech Solutions is a leading supplier of refurbished SEMs and analytical FE-SEM services. We are also a North American sales and service representation company that offers new scientific instrumentation based on electron beam technologies. Our growing customer install base consists of over 100 customers, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.


2010 SEMTech Solutions creates 10 Angstroms, a nanotechnolgy system sales and service representation company to handle new equipment sales throughout North America.

2009 SEMTech Solutions signs agreement with Hysitron to sell their nano and picoindenters in the Northeastern U.S.

2008 SEMTech Solutions signs agreement with Interface to sell the NanoMaker SEM/EBL add-on system for electron beam lithography in North America.

2007 SEMTech Solutions opens new FE-SEM analytical services lab to offer high resolution imaging and EDS capabilities.

2006 SEMTech Solutions introduces its Infra-Red Chamber Scope to fit virtually any vacuum chamber.

2005 SEMTech Solutions signs agreement with Elionix to sell their Electron Beam Lithography systems in North America.

2004 SEMTech Solutions reaches the 100 Used SEM milestone with sales to start-ups, universities, and Fortune 100 companies.

2003 SEMTech Solutions introduces X-Stream Imaging System to convert analog video to high resolution digital images for all SEMs.

2002 SEMTech Solutions signs agreement with Physical Electronics to promote sales of their surface analytical systems in the Northeast.

2001 SEMTech Solutions starts FE-Gun Reconditioning program to enhance customer service.

2000 Founding of SEMTech Solutions to sell refurbished SEMs and new SEM Accessories.